My tutorials are planned according to the student's individual needs, ability and the examination being prepared for. Success in Maths is dependent on confidence. I aim to create a supportive environment to make my students feel at ease, so that they feel comfortable to ask questions. With clear and straightforward explanations and examples followed by guided practice, a good understanding can be developed and confidence in Maths can easily be boosted.

With individual tuition by an experienced qualified teacher, students can work at their own pace and be guided by someone who can anticipate what they will find difficult. As an experienced teacher I have an in-depth knowledge of course syllabuses and specifications.

Being a current senior examiner for one of the boards means that I have an examiner’s knowledge of exam technique and hence have a thorough understanding of what is required to maximize marks and this will give a motivated student a distinct advantage to achieve the best possible grades.

I am enthusiastic about teaching Maths and set out to help each student to enjoy achieving their goals.

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